VHF Receiver

VHF receiver of Soviet production, entered the equipment of Polish Army in the early 70s last. Century. It is built exclusively on germanium semiconductor devices and subminiature lamps.

After closing the front cover and the back is fully hermetic, it remains on the water (floating).


Frequency range 20 - 100 MHz
Modulation amplitude modulation (AM)
frequency modulation (FM)
single-sideband modulation (SSB)
telegraphy (CW)
Frequency change fluent tuning, resolution of the optical scale 10 or 20 kHz, depending on the sub-range
Work without seeking and tuning ensured by built-in crystal calibrator and high stability heterodyne
Intermediate frequency 9 MHz and 2,86/0,473 MHz
Sensitivity for receiving audio no worse than 3 μV
for receiving telegraph no worse than 1 μV
Power with the internal batteries of 2.5 V / 20 Ah or the AC adapter
Work time 15 hours, with occasional optical switching frequency scale (on one set of batteries)
Temperature range -50 to + 50 °C