VHF Radiostation

This radio station is a "less" version of the radio station R-159, manufactured in the same period in the Soviet Union. Built using modern for those times electronic components. The furnishings of the Polish Army came in a few copies in the part of the tests in the late 80s.

In addition to the on-man also performed in the variant "car" - this option will not hit ever in Poland linear units.


Frequency range 30 - 79,975 MHz
Modulation frequency modulation (FM)
Frequency change switches on the front panel increments of 25 kHz
Forming frequency digital frequency synthesis system
Output power 1 W (transmitter)
Sensitivity no worse than 1 μV
Frequency deviation 5 - 7 kHz
Noise blockade sensitivity threshold 1,5 - 3 μV
Power gas-tight Nicd battery 12V / 1 Ah; in conditions of freezing temperatures be sure to unplug the battery from the radio and put it in his pocket under his jacket, putting a special cord out to radio stations jackets
Work time approx. 6 hours with a time of receipt to transmit 5:1
(on one battery)
Weight approx. 3,5 kg